“Facts about” something arouses interest for most readers, as it is inherent in the “desire for extra information”; in this article from Casa Santa Eulália we bring you 10 Fun Facts, that you may not know, about Wines.

  1. It needs Approx. 300 grapes to produce on single bottle of wine;
  2. Vinho verde is only Portuguese: in theory, the place of production is DOC (Denomination of controlled origin), the term Vinho Verde being exclusive to the region;
  3. Wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago in the Middle East; 
  4. The soil, in which the grapes are grown, directly interferes with the taste of Vinho Verde;
  5. The color of the wine is closely linked to the area where it is grown;
  6. It would have to drink about 20 glasses of apple juice to have the same oxidizing effect as a glass of wine;
  7. Women are more demanding to taste wine than men;
  8. A vine, recently planted, can take up to 3 years to bear the first fruits for wine production;
  9. The wine must be stored at an ambient temperature between 12 and 18 ° C;
  10. In terms of geographical area, the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region is the largest in Portugal.

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