Alvarinho-Trajadura Wine 

The combination of Alvarinho and Trajadura grape varieties is something known in the wine’s market for making an elegant, fruity and distinct wine, a true symbiosis to create a harmonious and balanced wines.

So, in this month of February, the month of Love, we decided to talk about a “relationship” so cohesive that it is intended for great criticism by our consumers: Alvarinho – Trajadura Casa Santa Eulália

About the Grapes


Alvarinho is planted all over the world, but it’s in the Northwest of Portugal where it acquires and reveals all its characteristics and qualities, thanks to the very particular microclimate and granitic soil of the region. Alvarinho is considered, by some experts in the global wine market, as one of the best wines in the world.

Aromatic notes of Alvarinho: In general, aromatic notes of peach, lemon, orange peel, jasmine, orange blossom and lemon balm. It has a great aging potential and a high alcohol content.


In the Vinho Verde region, the grape variety has an excellent production, as it allows wine of good graduation, moderate acidity, is often used in batches as a “softener” tool for the region’s wines.

Aromatic notes of the Trajadura: Reveals discrete aromas of peach, apricot, apple and ripe pear, with some sensations of orange blossom.

In fact, when we combine these varieties, we realize that complementarity is inherent.

Casa Santa Eulália’s Alvarinho –Trajadura Wine

Casa Santa Eulália Alvarinho –Trajadura 2020 is a white wine, bright citrus color, an aroma reminiscent of citrus, floral and light tropicality. On the palate it is easy, fresh, elegant and with a great finish.

This wine results from the blend of the Alvarinho and Trajadura grape varieties, culminating in a set of nobility and versatility of two well-known grape varieties.

How to harmonize:

Seafood, fish, white meat, vegetarian dishes, appetizers and snacks; it is a very versatile wine in its harmonization.

We also advise you to “harmonize” with a good book, movie or a good conversation – it usually goes very well.

Note: Tasting the wine at a temperature between 8º and 10º


Alvarinho -Trajadura Casa Santa Eulália 2020 is now available for purchase, you can find it in your local wine cellar or order it through our online store.

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