Choices: Avesso Superior 2019

In 2020 Casa Santa Eulália has received several tasting notes, from different institutions, with a great review of our wines, this time we present a tasting note of Grandes Escolhas (, a monthly publication, focused on wine, gastronomy, travel, wine tourism and lifestyle renowned in Portugal, which produces content of great interest in this wine market:

“Very appealing in the aroma, beautiful and fragrant, with grape variety showing itself in fruity suggestions of Granny Smith Apple, melon, ripe grapefruit. The voluminous structure is balanced by a fruity acidity, the wine is fresh and tasty, it is drunk with great pleasure.

The Avesso Superior 2019 – Casa Santa Eulália also received a tasting note from the world renowned taster Mark Squires, of Robert Parker – Wine Advocate, in August 2020, with 90 points on Avesso (- see article)

The Avesso variety has gained notoriety in Vinho Verde for producing more serious and more complex wines in the region, fresh and salty wines with great potential for aging. The Wine presents a citric color, with greenish reflections, fine, subtle and complex fruity aromas, with a fruity flavor, with a slight acidity, fresh, harmonious, full-bodied and persistent; these potentialities are revealed only a few months after winemaking.

The Pairing with Avesso Superior Casa Santa Eulália, gives the dish more freshness, its natural acidity and minerality cut the fat and enhance the flavor of the dishes, in a very interesting harmony, with a long finish. It is a dry wine that will also help to clean the palate, so that we can identify different flavors.

 In short, it is a fresh, citrusy and elegant wine, which is paired with fish, seafood and / or appetizers, enhancing all flavors in this pairing. – We recommend drinking / serving between 8-10

We are very grateful that this year we managed to take our wines to more wine tasting tables with such a good rating, no doubt that our work throughout the year is consecrated with these achievements and with the growth of our consumers. We would like to thank everyone who is part of the process and the continuous construction of the Casa Santa Eulália brand, it would not be possible without your support. We continue to treat our land every day, so that we can get to the table of our consumers.