We know, from a reliable source, that The Choice of Wine is something that makes us nervous because we always want to surprise someone; if you are not a Wine Expert, but you are an appreciator and like to present occasions with bottles of wine, here there are 6 Tips to help you choose the right wine and relieve social pressure.

6 Tips for Choosing a Good Wine

  1. Personal taste: think about what you like, nothing better than taking a wine that you enjoy, fruity, citrus, aromatic, choose a wine that meets your tastes;
  2. Occasion or Meal: what you are going to eat, if you were responsible for the wine of the appetizers or to take the wine for a good conversation, and harmonize. Note: Light wines, light foods; Light conversations, Light wines.
  3. Try it: nothing better than having a wine tasting experience, buy two different bottles, one usual and one to try;
  4. Price: the price may be (or not) a relevant factor in the choice of wine, a wine with a price of € 2.00 will certainly have a different quality than a wine of € 8.00, but that does not mean that it is your right choice if it is not a wine that matches your tasting standards;
  5. Label: the identity of the Wine, read the label, find out which grape varieties are, which region, alcohol content. The identity of the Wine is on the label, you will notice that even the aromas are described on the label:
  6. Help: if you buy wine in a cellar, you will have a competent professional to help you; if you buy wine alone, read the previous tips.

Basically, we all perceive a little Wine, either because we have already heard about the region, or because we taste a wine at a dinner and like it or because we have a family member who likes it, Wine is culture all over the world, we increasingly apply this drink to our social gatherings and therefore we must know that there is an infinite world of Wines waiting to be part of your experience – Wine is memory, never forget.

The Online world also allows us to obtain information in seconds; there are apps, forums, social networks, which allow the consumer to search for a particular wine brand, here are links to some applications that may be of interest to you.

You can find it in your preferred wine cellar or order through our online store.

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