Gastronomy is identified with the culture of each country.

Wine is also culture, why not combine the two of them?

The harmonization of wine and food can be a delight at the table: wine enhances the taste of food and vice versa. Rules have been established for some time on how to accompany the most varied dishes, but we must not always restrict ourselves to these “rules”, the various styles of wine, allowing wine to be considered a versatile drink and, therefore, combining with several meals.

It is possible to identify which wine is best suited to each dish, thinking that the best way to combine it is light food with light and soft wines, and heavy food with heavy and strong wines.

  • the reds: they tend to be stronger, so stronger foods will go well with this wine, for example: a red meat roast;
  • whites are usually lighter, combine with seafood, fish and white meats;
  • rosés, are a good decision because they are versatile, combined with a variety of food, for example, appetizers;
  • sparkling wines are more acidic, linking with more salty and fatty dishes.


These are the general guidelines in the first choice of wine; there are other types of issues that we will address on our Blog, such as “Choosing Wine by the Grape”, “Choosing Wine by the Region”, to be more detailed in your choice.

If it is your first experience in choosing a wine or you are always having difficulties, think about what you are going to eat or when you are going to harmonize; we do not believe that there are “bad” choices in wines, we always consider it an experience in each bottle and therefore, even its choice is challenging. No fear, try it!

So, drink as you like best. Always in moderation and responsibility.

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See you soon!