The attentive look at the growth, the development of the grapevine, the respect for the grape, the long-awaited phase of the harvest and bottling process of our green wines reveal the dedication and commitment of 365 days a year.

The richness of the vineyards, the soils and the climate, due to its minerality and salinity, allow our Terroir to acquire a unique and exclusive character, attributing to the grape varieties different profiles all over the world.

The range of Casa Santa Eulália green wines, in mono-blends and blends, consists of 10 references (seven white wines, one rosé, one red and one sparkling), divided into two brands: Casa Santa Eulália and Plainas.

Our Process

  1. Harvest
  2. Stalk
  3. Pressing
  4. Fermentation
  5. Classification and Stabilization
  6. Ripening
  7. Bottling

The most important decision in the winemaking process is the right time to harvest (Harvest), depending on the state of ripeness of the grape.

After harvesting, the grape is identified and weighed to measure the sugar and acidity levels.

The Pressing is next in the chain of winemaking processes: remove the grape stems and be pressed, in order to transform into juice, pumping to the stainless steel fermentation tanks.

It is during the fermentation process that the juice turns into alcohol, giving birth to what we call Wine.

After fermentation, we choose the type of filtration and aging, which will be bottled or start a new aging period, depending on the type of wine and the commercialization.