The Harvest

Pincture yourself at the Casa Santa Eulália’s vineyard, picking the grapes that will give rise to the Green Wine, enjoying regional cuisine, at a reception at our farm, enjoying the regional bakery, continuing to walk through the vineyard, picking the grapes of the year, stopping for lunch at the Casa Santa Eulália Gardens and enjoying the memories of our wines. We continue in the afternoon, observing the harvest process, talking, spending the hours, finishing the afternoon with a picnic, quenching our thirst with our fresh and citrus white wines, between the varieties of Avesso and Trajadura. We still have time to tread the grapes in the winepress.
We invite you to end the day with a wine dinner and a tour of the cellar.
“Beer is made by men, wine by God.” (Miguel Torga)

Time: to be defined

Price: since 50,00 

Horário: a definir pela altura da colheita

Includes: Kit Casa Santa Eulália (T-shirt CSE, Straw Hat CSE, Mask CSE e botle of water)

Vineyard Picnic

Wine Taste – Gastronomic Tasting

The Harvest